Marketing Strategy

Essentials of marketing: A case study on Apple iPhone


Marketing strategic planning is beneficial in such an era of globalisation where all the competitive firms aim at promoting their products and improving the visibility of the brand in the market so that it is possible to target the potential buyers and strengthen the consumer’s base. The aim of the study is to demonstrate competitive analysis and consumer’s buying behaviour for the Apple iPhone in the UK market. Marketing mix strategic planning as well as STP (Segmentation, targeting and positioning) strategy are also essential in this study to analyse the marketing planning of the brand Apple that they have developed for successful promotion of the iPhone. There are proper suggestions for the company Apple to improve the segmentation and targeting as well as develop effective tactics for promoting the product in the UK market.

Competitor and consumer behavioural analysis

Apple Inc. is an American multinational consumer electronics, online service and computer software company which are successful in designing innovative products and creating strong brand value in the UK market. The product that is recently introduced by Apple is iPhone

Marketing mix analysis 1000

Segmentation, targeting and positioning 750

Conclusion and recommendations 250

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