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At the end of the practicum, all the students are required to complete their written assignment and a customized poster. The main purpose of the assignment help is to let the students reflect on their practical experience. It can be seen as an opportunity to enable students to showcase what they have learned and how they can make use of their experience within the context of the MPG program, community, or organization. The students are required to think creatively about their contribution to the profession as well as the professional value of placement.


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    It is important to note that the poster, paper as well as other practicum documentation is required to be submitted before the last day of classes in the quarter, students have registered for their practicum credits. The students who wish to get their posters printed are required to submit their poster to the MPH Practicum Reception Catalyst site, at the time of "Call for Posters" period. The date for submission always keeps on changing and so the students are required to check their emails for announcement.

    We, at Research My Assignment, help students get their posters printed. Our ultimate aim remains assisting students in the best possible manner. We offer customized poster service that is simply second to none. Care is taken to see that every point is properly showcased and printed in the poster to the advantage of the students.

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    Valuing for money and time our prices are based on the following criterion:

  • The subject/ academics of poster
  • Urgency of Poster services
  • Quantity of work assignment

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