Strategic Management

Developing efficient management


The organisational success is not only based on the strategic planning, nut also it is dependent on the manager’s role where the line managers play a crucial role in achieving success through proper planning and managing all the organisational responsibilities successfully. The managers also play critical roles in delivering performance and in this regard the management learning and development is necessary for the restaurant to achieve success. The organisation in this regard focuses on the learning and development of the managers so that their technical skill and understanding can be maximised. The line managers need proper learning and development to improve business performance as well as productivity and efficiency so that the pre-specified goals and objectives of the restaurant are achieved in long run. Improving skill and understanding about the job responsibilities is another benefit of learning and development through which the line managers can identify the needs of the organisation and work efficiently to improve own knowledge. In addition to these, management learning and development is required for all the line mangers to foster proper organisational culture and increase capability of performing efficiently.

The line manager of the restaurant also needs learning and development program so that he or she can communicate with all the employees and enhance the overall performance of the organisation. In this regard, proper learning and development process provide clear understanding to the line managers to identify the actual needs and preferences of the employees and lead them towards achieving success by fulfilling their needs and preferences. It is also the role of the line manager in the restaurant to develop positive working environment where all the organisational staff members can work cooperatively. In this regard, the learning and development is appropriate for the line manager to develop the skills and knowledge of the line managers to perform better and maximise the goals of the restaurant. Developing effective planning after critical analysis is also the responsibility of the line manager of the organisation which further increases the importance of learning and development so that the line manager can do their responsibilities efficiently.

Developing learning and development of line managers depends on outlining the goals and identifying the roles of line managers in the restaurant. In addition to these, the line manager also needs to attend leadership course as well as improve own managerial skill to conduct the job role of the line managers. Being transparent and accountable as well as improving communication are also the ways through which the line managers can improve learning and development so that they become efficient in meeting their job responsibilities in the restaurant.

The intervention planning is necessary for mitigating the gap of lack of managerial skill of the line manager. In this regard, the development planning and the activities to improve managerial skill through learning and development is effective where the line manager must manage time, improve communication and enhance cooperation as well as utilise problem solving skill to develop effective decision for conducting the job responsibilities successfully. The line manager needs to set proper goals and objectives and prioritise the work as per the urgency basis and this is an effective way of managing time. Moreover, improving cooperation and interaction with the all the members are beneficial for the line manager to manage the team members and conduct the operational activities in the restaurant to deliver quality services to the customers. It has been seen that, as per the development planning, the

For improving internal system of the company, the leaders and managers focus at budget, information system and enhancing security to satisfy the customers and run the business activities strategically. Delegating power and horizontal structure of Nokia are helpful top manage the organisational activities successfully and achieve growth by operating the activities systematically. The leaders and managers are cooperative and enhance the employee’s performance through communication, sharing information, training and development, encouraging employee’s creativity and empowering them in the organisational decision making practice (Buganza et al., 2015). Hereby, appropriate structure and system of Nokia are beneficial to manage the competitive advantage in the global Smartphone industry. Apart from that, resources, skill and experienced staff members are advantageous to develop innovative products with latest advanced technology which further provides an opportunity to satisfy the customers and retain more global corporate clients.

line manager can improve managerial skill within 30 months where he or she can enhance organisational performance and manage the workforce through more communication, positive organisational culture as well as more cooperation. Emotional intelligence is also necessary for the line manager where he or she can understand the emotion of the employees and acknowledge their actual needs so that the line manager can meet their requirements which are necessary to satisfy the staff members in long run.

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