Operation and Management: A case study on Marks & Spencer


Operation management is particularly related with business enterprise, planning and supervising business on the subject of production, production or developing provision of products and services. This management is transport-centered which means they make certain that an agency to correctly provide inputs to get outputs in an efficient manner. In this study, the operation management activities within Mark & Spencer are evaluated. In this context, the difference between the jobs of manager and leader are identified in conjunction with strength and weakness of various leadership and management theories also are mentioned. Moreover, importance and value of operation control are also defined and the elements affecting the operation management of Mark & Spencer also are evaluated.

LO1 Defining and comparing among roles in addition to characteristics of manager and a leader

The Mark & Spencer is a reputed British multinational retailer who specialises in selling luxurious food products, clothing and domestic products. The headquarters of the organization is situated within the metropolis of Westminster in London from where they try to operate their commercial enterprise through effective operation management across diverse stores and retail outlets. Mark & Spencer follow a hierarchical management shape wherein the chairman of the corporation is Archie Norman and CEO is Steve Rowe. The CEO taking decision together with the chairman and Board of administrators of the Mark & Spencer operates the decrease hierarchical function of the company concerning the manner they may be to work and manage (, 2018).

with a view to successfully meet the targets of the enterprise, the manager is responsible for developing proper guidelines and strategies along with planning the manner of working of the employees and staffs to assist them carrying out their respective responsibilities to meet the pre-decided objectives. In Mark & Spencer, the managers are dispensed at various levels to control the duties of various branch to effectively run the business enterprise. The managers in Mark & Spencer are also concerned with upraising the employee’s overall performance and efficiency to execute tasks which they're to execute by way of motivating and via overall performance appraisal procedure (, 2018).

The leaders are individuals in the agency who authorises to get the work carried out with the aid of the concerning staffs or personnel to satisfy the desires of the business enterprise (Fiedler, 2015). The leaders are visible to play an important position where they utilise their leadership and communication abilities and informing imaginative and prescient of the corporation to the personnel for motivating them to work effectively. In Mark & Spencer, the leaders develop skills and knowledge of the employees in a way to accomplish the targets of the company. The key aim of the leader is to encourage and motivate the personnel to improve their overall performance for enhancing the productiveness and performance of the employer (Fiedler, 2015).

LO2 Examining the role of leader and function of manager in different situation

The involvement of the function of the leaders and the feature of the manager make the agency work within the desired route for fulfillment of the aims and goals of the enterprise. As an instance, the purpose of Mark & Spencer is to provide efficient services to the consumers to get desirable returns. The leaders and managers at Mark & Spencer have efficiently understood the truth which has led them to correctly direct their employees to fulfill the intention. This is obtrusive from the reports in 2017 where it is far informed that powerful management at Mark & Spencer led them to get hold of 5.9% improved in organisational income in the thirteen weeks (, 2018;, 2017). Therefore, right implementation of talents of the chief and functions of manager is needed to help Mark & Spencer to regain powerful competitive advantage and exceptional logo image within the market. The role of the leader is to provide course to establish imaginative and prescient and emphasise its importance to be accompanied to everybody inside the company. The role of the leader is to create motivation by using training and empowering staffs at every stage of the agency. This function of the leader is to be implemented in a scenario while the employees are feared of tackling complicated problems at job.

The function of the manager is to devise for filing budgets, set desires in addition to operational plans and effectively allocate resources. This role is to be played by the managers at Mark & Spencer in situation wherein a new venture is to be initiated. It is important as without planning in business the manner to execute goals and meet the goals can't be fulfilled. The managers have the position to screen worker overall performance in order that they can be nicely assisted to remedy troubles at work. This function is to be implemented by the manager in all situations inside the organisation as proper performance of the employee is related to effective product development and deliver. In Mark & Spencer, the supervisor performs this role of tracking personnel always to ensure proper overall performance is maintained so that satisfactory products may be delivered to the client as consistent with current tendencies in the marketplace.

The situational management is the style wherein the leader or supervisor regulatetheir style of executing activities to in shape the development level of the employeesor fans to perform the challenge (Balch, and Shanafelt, 2018). This leadership goes to undoubtedly have an effect on Mark & Spencer as in step with this theory the leaders are able to increase numerous sports to clear up one-of-a-kind complexsituation being experienced by the employer. as an example, the leaders at Mark & Spencer whilst experiencing difficult state of affairs within the market regardingclient wishes are visible to respond to the situation by using growing mutual relationship with the providers all through the supply chain.

The leadership style also has the power to set up good relationship between personnel and bosses (Boylan, 2018). This is effective for Mark & Spencer as it's far going to help the organisation to increase higher working revel in for each permitting constructing of a nice work environment. Situational management has the weakness that it makes managers cognizanceon immediate desires and shift their recognition from lengthy-time period plans and impact. that is going to negatively effect Mark & Spencer as their immediate issuescan be resolved but their long-time period goals of the company may not be fulfilled to offer productivity for the organisation. for instance, the Mark and Spencer is has near down lots of their stores in 2018 and trying to perform digitally to lessen their operation prices which has positioned more than 1300 people to be jobless (, 2018). but, the situational choice by way of the leaders can becapable of lower their operation fee in the meanwhile however in destiny they willface scarcity of employees to further enlarge and operate their business that's one in all their commercial enterprise aim. The situation leadership also has the weak point to create strain at the leaders or manager and personnel to get tailored to continuous change. this can have an effect on Mark & Spencer to make their employee and supervisor experience accelerated work strainand absence of stability to comply with which norm or regulations at work. The system management style allows leaders to create conditions in the enterprise in which all individuals at all stage are able to work productively at their own capacity (Senge et al. 2015).

LO3 Explaining the key approaches to operation management along with role of leader and manager in the chosen organisation

The operation management refers back to controlling and designing the system of production and remodeling of operation of business in production and manufacturing of products and services (Jacobs et al. 2014). In Mark & Spencer, the operation control is all about developing highest level of performance within the company via proper management of enterprise practices. There are various approaches to operation management being used by Mark & Spencer which are total quality management, simply-In-Time inventory and continuous development system (KAIZEN). Total Quality management (TQM) refers to the procedure that is used to improve performance for production and manufacturing of satisfactory products and services inside the company (Akgün et al. 2014). The TQM has the point of interest on developing continuous improvement of the high-quality of the goods and offerings of the organisation with the aid of considering the converting and present preferences and needs of the corporation. In respect to TQM, the feature of the managers in Mark & Spencer is to efficaciously develop strategies for implementingcontinuous first-rate improvement within the production and manufacturing of products.

The just-In-Time stock is the method that is applied to enhance performance as well as decrease waste with the aid of ordering assets which are wanted for the prevailing production method as a consequence supporting to lessen inventory price (Lai and Cheng, 2016). This method is been used by Mark & Spencer to triumph over their issues with increased pricing of the products than their competitors as reduction of inventory price goes to lessen production value, in turn, reducing the overall price of the final product. Hence, according to this approach, the managers at Mark & Spencer are to control the inventory prices and enhance the production of products on a normal foundation as in line with market call for. The continuous development theory which is likewise called KAIZEN suggests that enhancements of the goods are to be continuously on regular foundation for the higher performance of the organization. In line with this approach, the function of the leaders at Mark & Spencer is to assess the performance of the employees in sure time gaps to make certain they may be work towards making non-stop development within the company. In addition, the just-In-time inventory technique allocates the position to the leaders at Mark & Spencer to hold the inventory to keep away from developing unnecessary waste. This makes operation control valuable and important for Mark & Spencer as it is going to assist them properly understand way to reduce price of product and in addition to improve satisfactory and range as in step with demand within the market. This, in turn, is going assist them stand above their competitors in term of product fee and first-class presenting them the opportunity to have progressed benefit. Further, to fulfill enterprise objectives, by improving the operation management in Mark & Spencer the managers and leaders of the organisation are required to follow Transformational management. Transformational management suggests the leaders to work with the personnel or subordinates to make the specified adjustments within the business enterprise to solve demanding situations being confronted by way of them. Hence, the managers and leaders at Mark & Spencer are mentioned to work with their subordinates in making the desired changes in business operations for the agency to assist Mark & Spencer attain advanced benefit within the enterprise.

LO4 Assessing the factors in business environment which impact on operation management

There are different factors that have an effect on controlling operations of the company. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the version for business that assists an organisation to be socially accountable to its stakeholders, public and the environment. This impact on operation management of the business enterprise consequences to broaden commercial enterprise operations through integrating social and environmental concerns in the sort of manner so that the goods advanced by way of them are ethically right to apply for the society. The shortage of abiding by way of the social duty in operation control through the organisation leads them to revel in decrease logo reputation and decreased business reputation. That is due to the fact the products advanced via notabiding with the company social responsibility are usually seemed as unethical and harmful for the society. Thus, Mark & Spencer abides to put into effect and execute a hit CSR activities so that they may be able to advantage higher monetary overall performance by using elevated logo recognition and delivering of highersatisfaction to the clients. as an instance, Mark & Spencer implements CSR sports in their commercial enterprise for raising donations for the needy inclusive of £25m to be raised with the aid of them for charity to help cancer patients. Speedy enlargement of advanced technology affects operation management as it directs the agency to make modifications in use of existing technologies for running their business to obtainadvanced overall performance and productivity. Mark & Spencer understood this reality and that they have made appropriate technological adjustments and implementation in line with the advanced technologies in executing operation control for commercial enterprise. The managers and leaders in Mark & Spencer are further recommended to take into account that the tradition and values of the consumers also have an effect at the operation management of the business. this is due to the fact in the event that they do now not execute and manage enterprise operation which respects all of the cultural values of the goal customers they may be going to fail in attracting the target consumer base. Therefore, it can be suggested to Mark & Spencer to abide by the cultural values in managing enterprise operational activities ( 2017).


The above discussion informs that the managers of Mark & Spencer have the responsibility to hold order and consistency at work, develop price range, set up guidelines and regulations regarding work and others. The leaders of Mark & Spencer have the role to relate imaginative and prescient of the corporation to the personnel and inspire them to work for carrying out the vision of the corporation. The situational management is to be used by the leaders and executives of Mark & Spencer to control the business operations in this sort of way so that the disaster confronted in enterprise can be resolved. The key processes of operational control being utilized by the managers and leaders at of Mark & Spencer are total quality management, just-In-Time stock, KAIZEN and others. The operation control is effective for Mark & Spencer to keep right productiveness and satisfaction of the customers through resolving their commercial enterprise disaster being confronted at the existing associated with fine and price of merchandise. The factors which have an effect on operation management aresocial responsibility, advancedtechnology, expanded competition and others.

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