Knowledge management information system: a case study on ASOS Plc


knowledge managemnet information system refers to the Informatiopn Technology (IT) system that stores, retrieve and manage the data of the companies and improve cooperation and collaboration in the business practice to source knolwdge and manage theeffcicicny of the employees it he orgnaistaion to achiev future sueccss. knolwdge managemnet is the process of shargn, creating, managing and usinsg the knolwdge and information in the orgnaistaion which enhances the multi disciplinary approach tomaixmise the orgnaistaional aism and objectives. the study aism at discussing the knolwdge managemnet information system n the orgnaistaional cntext after conducting the enviroenmtnal analysis of the company. in this paper, ASOS plc is considered fyrther to analyse the corporate model of the orgnaistaion and enviroentnal factrps. after aalysisng the bsuienss neviroenmtn for ASOS, the study provide a scoep to recommend some suitable sugegtsions for managing the information system of the brand in managing their operational actvitiies effcicintly. after recommending siome startegies of knolwdge managemnet of the information system in he company, it is relevant to identify the implementation challenges for AOS which would be faced by the orgnaistaion as well as suggest some policies to manage the implementation challnegs so that the gbsuienss objective sof ASOS would be maixmised prficiently.

Organisational overview

ASOS Plc os the British online fashion and cosmetic retailer and the ompany has beenestbalished in the year of 2000. it primarily aimed at young people, but now the company aism at atrgettign the customers with differet needs and rpferemnecs. the website sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing nd accessories. the company fulfilled the orders in the centres in the UK, EU and USA and it is suecsfsul in servig more than 196 countries. is a famous platform where the customers can get a huge variety of products including clothing, accessories, beauty abd shoes.

Figure 2: Business model of AOS

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total revenue of th company in the last eyar was £2.4 billion and total numbers of employees in the company is more than 4400, who are effcicitn to serve the custopmers online. the company aism at prvididng effcicint services and quality products which are effective to satsfy the customers by fuklfillign ther personalise needs and rpefrneces.

Corporate objectives of the firm

the organistaions develops the objective of ervign the custo,ers innovatively where the coustomner must experiment newedesigna dn style and be brave a grab the extraordinary opportunity in life. The major corporate objective sof the firm are,

  • To be the leading fashion website in the UK
  • To attract more international markets across the globe
  • To analyse the fashion industry growth and market trend
  • To strengthen their corporate base
  • To maximise organisational performance
  • To enhance their profitability and sales volume
  • To maximise customers satisfaction

Business model

Business model is the successful tactics through whjch the rgnaistaions can identify the siurce of finance and revenue where the customer base, products and services and detailing of financing can be managed well. in this regard, ASOS focuses on effcicint business mdoel to support the custom,ers globally and establish the company effcciintly in the markmet. the aspration of the company is to sell online fahion products peacefully by stregtehning their customers vase and for fulfilling he aim of the compay, there is suitable business mdoela nd decesive leadership which are contributing factrps to runt he operational actvitiies of the firm startegically. it focuses on B2C business mdoel, where the online platform of ASOS izs effcicint to deliver high quality products and services to the cutomers directly were customer data managenet is one of the efficcint tactic to strengthen heir custom,ers base ad create vales for them. in this regard, ASOS continuously focuses on the customers experience and crate customers vales by underoisning the fashion with integrity, invsting on the resoures and influnec to manage the fashion trend in the market.

Figure 2: Business model of ASOS

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in orer to maixmise custmer’s expeirnce, the orgnaistaion ASOS focuses on inspiring the customers, chpopsing the right products and services, wearing an sharing information with the customers. These are the major tactics through which the rgnaistaion ASOS aism to amange customers experience. the organistaion tries to inspiure thecustomers and help them to choose the right producs from their website where ther are alternative options in product line from which the consumers can choose and make effetiev purchase decision acoridng to their personalise needs and prefrneces. The business model of ASOS is appropriate to explore and inspire the customers, sare and engage with the customers as well as deliver quality product and services by managing the products quality which would be effectev for the orgnaistaion to stregtehn their customers base and provides the firm a scoep to exaond their bsuienss and secure future sustainable development.

Environmental analysis

the enviroenmtnal analysis is effective for the firm to evaluate the externalkd intera; business circumstances to run the business actvitiies startegicaly. through the PESTEL and Porter’s five firces analysis, it is posisbel to anaolyse the external enviroenmtn fo the firm as well as through the SWOT analysis, it is possible to analyse the internal business eviroenmtn for the company.

  • External analysis:
  • PESTLE analysis:

the PESTLE analysis explroesd the political stability, economic growth and social development, as well as legal compliances, technological advancement and the enviroenmtnal sustabilty amangemnet where the evlautaion of the business enviroenmtn for the orgnaistaion AOS will be helpful to understand the futre scope and channleges o runt he orgnaistaion sustianbly.

Table 1: PESTLE Analysis of ASOS







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  • Porter’s five forces analysis:

Through the Porter’s five forces startegic mdoel it is possible to analyse the competitive environment of the firm ASOS and evlaute te uture scoep and market challenges, so that the company can develop effective startegic tatics to fulfil their corporate objectives.

Table 2: Porter’s five forces Analysis of ASOS

Threats of new entrants

Threats of substitute products

Competitive rivalry

Bargaining power of the customers

Bargaining power of the suppliers

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  • Internal analysis:
  • SWOT analysis:

Table 3: SWOT Analysis of ASOS





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Recommendations of successful knowledge management information system

Impacts of information system on organisational practice (facilitate Knowledge capture & sharing, Customer relations management/ Supply chain management)

Performance objectives of the firm

Key management implementation challenges

Recommendations for successful implementation


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