Human Resource

1. Introduction

Introducing the topic of the dissertation is necessary in this part. For example, the use of digital capability in the organisation is beneficial for all the strategic decision makers to enhance the performance of the employees and maximise organisational aims and objectives successfully.

1.1 Background of the study

It is necessary to discuss the need for digital capability. The interest of the managers in all the corporate firms is increasing rapidly in adopting digital strategy to enhance the performance and motivate the internal and external stakeholders of the company in order to maximise the organisations goals. In the recent globalisation era, all the upper level executive team in the multinational corporate firms focus on improving digital capability in order to manage hole process of the firms smoothly and increase proficiency to perform.

1.2 Importance of the research

The research is important in identifying the strategic planning of the brand who are adopting digital planning ion the human resource department to manage their employees.

1.3 Aims and objectives of the study

The aim of the research paper is to explore the important of digital capability and identify the strategic planning for improving digital capability of the firms.

The objectives are,

  • To identify employee’s point of view regarding digital capability
  • To acknowledge the customer’s perception regarding the digital capability
  • To evaluate the cost of digital capability
  • To evaluate the factors contributing in improving digital capability
  • To recommend some suitable suggestions for improving digital capability of the Human resource department in the organisation

1.4 Research questions

  • What is the point of view of the employees regarding digital capability?
  • What is the customer’s perception regarding the digital capability?
  • How can the cost of digital capability be evaluated?
  • What are the factors contributing in improving digital capability?
  • What would be the suitable recommendations for improving digital capability of the Human resource department in the organisation?

1.5 Structure of the dissertation

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

Introduction the theory and concept of the digital capability can be illustrated through further points. Through the points mentioned below, it is possible for the researcher to improve knowledge and understanding regarding the strategy of digital capability in the human resource department in enhancing organisational performance.

2.2 Concept of digital capability

2.3 Importance of improving digital capability

2.4 Role of digital capability in HR department

2.5 Impacts of digital capability on the HR department

2.6 Structural framework

2.7 Innovation Adoption Theory

2.8 Technology Adoption Theory

2.9 Impacts of the adoption theories in improving digital capability

2.10 Summary

3. Research methodology

3.1 Introduction

Here, the researcher tries to illustrate the importance of this chapter and discuss further methods of conducting the research.

3.2 Research design

The overview of collecting the data and analysing it can be represented here.

3.4 Data collection method

The researcher chooses secondary data collection method through gathering the literature sources such as journals and articles.

3.5 Data analysis techniques

The qualitative data analysis technique is adopted to analyse the collected secondary information. Quantitative analysis is used for analysing the cost of digital capability.

3.6 Ethical consideration

The researcher avoids using sensitive data as well as the researcher tries to protect the collected data through Data Protection Act 1998.

3.7 Time table

Gantt chart is required to develop proper planning for successful completion.

3.8 Summary

4. Data interpretation and discussion

4.1 Secondary data interpretation

Collected secondary information is represented here properly.

4.2 Discussion

Proper discussion is required through proper analysis and evaluation.

5. Conclusion and recommendations

5.1 Conclusion

Concluding the whole understanding and findings is presented here.

5.2 Linking with the research objectives

The findings need to be connected with the research objectives.

5.3 Future scope of the research

The researcher can conduct further research in future with more data including primary and secondary and incorporate the cost of the strategy of digital capability as this is the main factor.

5.4 Future recommendations

Proper suggestions need to be developed to improve digital capability in the human resource departments.


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