Strategic Management

Summary of work undertaken to date

HVCBT 21st February:

I visited the service user ZA at home to identify and asses her actual needs and preferences. As per my assessment, ZA lives with her husband and their son. the relationship between them is good and my purpose of visiting their house is to conduct an interview with ZA and her husband. It is required for me to gather in depth information about the family members and collect background information in order to serve her better care and practice.  I observed ZA properly and analyse the care needs of her.

I am hereby successful in fulfilling PCF 7 which indicates that, intervention skill is required for supporting the service user and observe them for developing an appropriate care plan. In this regard, I want to learn how to apply appropriate theories and approaches in my practice and work confidently with service users. I want to develop an understanding of the relevant theories in psychology and sociology and learn how to apply them in practice. Also, I want to develop my communication skills and relationship building skills which in turn helps me to develop effective intervention planning for the service user ZA.

I successfully used the verbal methods of communication to provide service user the maximum possible effective service (Knott and Scragg, 2016). I developed an effective working relationship with the service user by showing respect, integrity and positive attitude to interact with ZA, where it helps to build strong relationship with trust and loyalty. I explored that, ZA needs proper support and quality care from use and as a social worker, it is my responsibility to support ZA with care. Additionally, I get to know about existing rules and legislations to develop provide security to ZA and enhance wellbeing of her. The legislations are such as Mental Capacity Act 2005, Health and social Care 2010, and Health and safety which helps me to improve the standard of living of the service user ZA. The policies of managing transparency and accountability, showing respect and positive attitude, showing interest to know about her life to ZA and positive cooperation and interaction will be effective for managing security of ZA and imporve wellbeing of her.

CPCA 27th February:

Activity 2 was a cupcake activity. The key outcome of this activity was that I was able to encourage an unwilling member of the care staff to take part in this activity and this indicates my good leadership as well as developing tea working practice with proper cooperation and collaboration with the volunteers and Day care staff members who take active parts in providing quality care to the service user. I was able to recognise the significance of community resources and group activity within the context of social network. I am successful in developing my PCF 7 skills and knowledge to develop appropriate intervention planning. I improved my communication and negotiation skills (Bailey et al., 2018). The knowledge, experience and skills I developed covers PCF 1 which indicates that, professionalism is necessary to support the service users. In this regard, I want to become confident in my role as a student social worker, act professionally and meet my learning needs in The Community Hub. I demonstrated professionalism by maintaining my level of confidence at the time of showcasing my leadership and team working skills.

I can also relate my activity to PCF 9 that underlines the importance of professional leadership of developing an effective intervention planning. Through transformational leadership style with cooperation, communication and empowerment of the service users in developing care plan, I have been able to understand in what manner professional leadership can be applied for improving my decision-making skills. I have understood that in order to help my co-workers, I have to understand their needs, background and cultural values. It is important that, I understand the basic needs and other preferences of my colleagues and other team members in my team before assisting them in the work. PCF 2 covers my understanding where I had tried to maintain an ethical approach at the time of helping the staff in the activity. As per PCF 2, values and ethics needs to be maintained where, I want to understand better The Community Hub’s values and how to apply them appropriately and ethically. I am interested in further developing an ethical approach, familiarise myself with the 6 core concepts and relate it to my social work practice, where the six core values are such as social service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human rights, integrity and competence through which I can develop care plan for ZA which helps to maximise values for ZA.

PMA 14th February:

Activity 3 was my first activity with service users. We had planned to make peppermint cream. The most important part of this activity was that we successfully cover PCF 6 which refers that, critical reflection and analyses. I was able to effectively encourage the services users to engage with the peppermint cream making process. I want to learn how to be critically reflective in my practice to help me improve my decision making and to better apply relevant to theories in social work practice at The Community Hub. I try to reflect the analysis to the team members and make them understandable about the making process of peppermint cream. I try to utilise my creative ad imaginative learning and apply this in analysing the present situation of ZA to develop appropriate care plan. by treating all the people with care irrespective of their cultural diversity and any other differences in gender and age as well as the type of needs the service user require, I had been able to achieve PCF 3 of diversity. I want to learn how to practise sensitively when working with a service user. I want to form effective working relationships with service users from all background and cultures so that the internal conflicts and cultural diversity can be managed well, and all the employees can be treated fairly.

I was able to successfully conclude the peppermint activity by building effective working relationship with the service users. I tried learning in what manner sensitive practice could be achieved through working with the service users. I had also fulfilled the criteria of PCF 7, where I have been able to improve my communication skills and relationship building skills. I had tried to implement my knowledge of social learning theory in order to successfully conclude this activity with the service users (Jokinen, 2018). PCF 1 covers this activity because I had maintained a professional approach while working with the service users and encouraging them to provide quality care and proper support to the service users.

Activity on 13th March:

I participated in the activity of making the Indian snack, Chat Masala, with the service users. During the end of the day, one of my Better Together service user became very unwell and I tried to help her and stayed with her until her daughter and the ambulance arrived. Through this activity, I had been able to achieve PCF 3 and PCF 7 which includes diversity management and utilising intervention process and own knowledge and skill for making the service user comfortable. Managing diversity through positive respond to the service users, cooperating with the staff members, positive interaction and showing respect and integrity are effective for creating values and working together for better outcome. I try to help the service user by supporting and giving comfort with quality care as well as utilise my knowledge dn skill to communicate and context ambulance for giving the service user better and fast treatment.

Activity on 14th March:

For this activity I participated in a group meeting for involving with the service users and discussed ageing in South Asian community. We discussed various theories, case studies and PCFs such as PCF 5, PCF 3, PCF 8 and PDF 4. I hereby discussed about the aging population in South Asian communities where the people are suffering from different illness such as Diabetes, heart attack, stroke, High blood pressure, weakness, falls as well as other mental illness such as anxiety, depression and stress which deteriorate the standard of living of the ageing population. Hereby, proper intervention planning is required for the service users or the aging population in the south Asian communities where the social workers play a crucial role in supporting them and providing better care and treatment by maintaining the quality standard of health and Social care. In this regard, PCF 4 refers to justice, rights and economic wellbeing where I want to learn more about The Human Rights Act and how to use it in practice to demonstrate social justice and economic well-being.

I want to understand what the range of resources and types of help to promote the economic wellbeing of service users. Additionally, PCF 5 indicates that, knowledge is necessary to serve better care to the service users where I want to gain better knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation and policies that apply in regard to The Community Hub’s service users. PCF 8 is important for understanding contexts and organisation where I want to understand better national policies that apply to my practice while working in The Community Hub How. I want to learn more about what social policies apply to the work of The Community Hub so they can meet the needs of service users so that it is posisbel to deliver quality care to the aging population in the South Asian communities.

Activity 1 on 15th March

This activity involved colouring and painting with some service users. One service user EA who attends the day care centre is often quite reserved and does not engage with all the activities. Therefore, on this occasion, before starting this activity, I discussed it with him and using my skills of persuasion I encouraged him to join the rest of the group. I was able to build a better relationship with him by using my communication skills. for motivating service users to participate in the activity, I had planned to encourage his cooperation and positive interaction where his interest to participate can be improved. It is beneficial for him to engage with the service users and express his feelings with them. positive interaction and open communication further help the social worker to observe EA and cooperate with him for fulfilling his preferences. My practice here demonstrates my learning PCF 3, PCF 7 and PCF 9, where I prepared proper intervention planning for EA by utilising my knowledge and skill to communicate with him positively, managing diversity for developing partnership working practice with other staff and even with the service user and maintain professional leadership for supporting EA successfully. I want to understand better how to apply professional leadership to help me improve my decision making and hold myself and others accountable for their practice. I want to learn how to gather and analyse evidence from various sources and become confident at sharing information with my colleagues to help improve practice.

Activity 2 on 15th March

I carried out an activity with the service users where they had to bring and talk about an object which reminds them of their past life. The objects of storytelling about past life, family background and educational background are helpful to interact with the service users and remind them about their past lives and it further helps me to develop a string relationship with them. Positive cooperation and communication further help me to understand the service users as a person and their activities in their past lives as well as their experience.

This activity helped me in accomplishing PCF 3 and PCF 7 where I try to manage cultural diversity for developing integrated workplace for supporting all the service users and empowering them in the intervention planning. Social Work Hub (advocacy) is therefore beneficial for me to understand the policies and legislations as well as values and ethics of the communities to provide better care ad service to the service users. Working together is also advantageous for me to share my experience and gather more knowledge and skills through open communication and positive interaction. During supervision and teaching activities, I have gathered knowledge to handle the service users by developing trust and loyalty so that they can rely on me for more interaction and share their experience. Cooperation with the practice supervision David is also beneficial for me to gather more knowledge and improve first-hand experience which will be effective for my personal and professionals career growth as a social worker to serve batter and quality care to the service users.

During KSSs and PCFs, I have learned my duties and responsibilities in serving the patient with care and appropriate treatment. The principle of health and social care professional practice is also acknowledged by me so that I can be efficient in maximising the wellbeing of the patients with care and support. Person centred care is another strategy in which I have gathered experience in empowering the patient in the care plan so that they can be motivated and cooperative in the process of treatment and care. Safeguarding is another principle through which I can improve my patient assessment technique and providing best support and care to all the individuals for proper diagnosis and providing proper treatment to them according to their health needs and personal preferences. Through the coursework, I also improved my knowledge and clinical understanding to serve the patient in a better and unique way. I also improved my communication skill and work collaboratively with other nurses, doctors as well as patients and their families for improving trust and providing the best possible care to the individuals.

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