Harvard Referencing Subject and Research Guide

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Harvard Referencing Subject and Research Guide

Referencing is a technique that could be treated a systematic way to find the quotes, facts and theories that has been given by previous research scholars or authors. It is very popular technique among the academicians, which they used to strengthen their assignment and reports. It is acknowledged that there are different kinds of referencing that could be adopted by any researcher and out of all the available alternative Harvard referencing is very much popular. The students and research scholars, both can undertake the Harvard referencing tool and improve the quality of their work.

There are various factors that can stimulate the researchers to use referencing within their report. The major reason is that it maintains the quality and authenticity of the report. It seems like that researcher has done the research in an appropriate way and they have used various literatures to conduct the study. Further, it provides the clearest description that the researcher has done the intense research that has developed his basic understanding about the subject matter and the report is reliable. At the same juncture, it is essential to explain that the reliability and validity of findings never become suspicious for the readers or viewers. They always trust those studies which have sufficient amount of references. Another benefit of Harvard referencing is that it avoids the fear of plagiarism.

The term plagiarism could refer to the fear of theft or in academic terms, it is basically a stealing of content or matter from another study. It is very concept that sometime while studying the previous studies the researcher might utilise the content from old researches and refer it in his study. So in this case just to avoid the plagiarism the researcher should use references containing all the information about that author or researcher. It could be done in a very easy way. It will enable the researcher to use the content but still the use of exact word is prohibited. It is to ascertain that in academic terms, it could be treated as appreciation or reverence towards the previous authors.

It provides the evidence that this report is based on the proper evidences and intellect of previous authors has been studied properly. Father the researcher gives proper credit to those scholars whose work has been included in the study or who have helped in completing the assignment writingOther than this the viewers or readers can refer the articles or references for own study and in this way it work as complete chain. Harvard referencing is very popular among academicians and universities.

There are different ways to do the Harvard referencing. Basically, in Harvard Referencing the name of the author comes firstly followed by the year of publishing. While taking the name of the author the researcher is supposed to cite the full surname along with the initials of his first name. For the further process the major factor which is required to be prioritised is the identification of the source. There could be different sources that can provide the Harvard referencing. Newspaper articles, journals, books, online PDF files etc. these all are major sources of taking the Harvard referencing. In different sources the technique of doing the referencing is also different. In books the researcher is supposed to cite the name of the book after the year, whereas in the case of journal the researcher should use the name of the journal in which the article has been published.

Ahead if the content has been taken from online article the name of the topic should be mention by the researcher. Therefore, in this way different kind of sources changes the pattern of doing the Harvard referencing. But all these sources have one aim i.e. to improve the quality of reporting. Without the referencing the research can't be treated as a complete research report so it should be neglected by researchers. It has complete guidelines with respect to the fundamentals of punctuations, capitalisation of initials, using the book, journal or articles name. The way of using the references could change completely in case of more than one or two authors. Therefore, this is the complete introductory material about Harvard referencing which indicates towards the benefits and actual usage of the Harvard referencing system along with familiarity with this style of referencing.

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